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Trickle of Consciousness
Brevity: my gift in this freaking muggy season
I've been in this headspace lately where there are several dozen things I want to be doing, but whenever I sit down to do one of them, the others all pipe up that I'm ignoring them. I hoped the underdeveloped, orderly part of my brain would eventually wrangle all of them up and put them in a sensible order. Hasn't happened. So, I've been blogging, but it's all been inside the head, as each time I go to type something, the ruckus begins again and I find very little coherent makes it to the screen. The delete key's been getting quite a workout.

Anyway, I'm trying to get myself back to my pseudo-productive norm, which means getting something blogged, however small. Actually, most of the blog entries will probably be small until whatever jump start happens to get me back to overindulgent, self-important verbosity again. Think of it as the gift of abridgment.

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