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Trickle of Consciousness
Quick Hits
I have a more in-depth essay on the methods at play in the recent GLA mini, but for now, quick reactions to stuff I've read or seen lately:

Sir Apropos of Nothing: The opening chapter of Peter David's antihero fantasy series has a great hook. Unfortunately, we then backtrack to the rather literal conception of the title character, and embark on a lengthy history of same. For my money, the book just kind of wanders until it manages to get back to the moment that opened the book, and the whole thing suffers from the first person narrator working way too hard to explain how any seemingly commendable act on his part was either motivated by selfishness or entirely by accident.

Justice League Unlimited: The League members in flashback do and say nothing that requires them specifically as opposed to any number of Bat family members (and some of them are just problematic: why don't Hawkgirl and the other flying characters just fly over the stupid thorn hedge?). Amanda Waller, too, could have just as easily (and possibly more logically) been Batman Beyond's aged Barbara Gordon. This didn't feel like a (series?) finale for JLU so much as a repurposed Batman Beyond finale.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Fun and sadistic, which is what it probably should be. I find it interesting that, when Willy Wonka was in the movie's title, Charlie was the one with a character arc. Now that Charlie's back in the title, Willy Wonka gets the development.

Fantastic Four: As an action comedy I thought it hit most of the right notes. I laughed a lot. I had a couple "hey, that's pretty neat" moments. And I very much enjoyed watching Jessica Alba's Sue Storm have all of her "Look at me, I'm sexy!" clothing choices go right under Reed Richards' radar.

War of the Worlds: Spielberg does an amazing job of making me believe the impending, inescapable death descending from the tripods onto the recurring, packed-in crowds. The problem comes when I'm then asked to believe that the protagonists in the middle of said throngs escape their doom when, in most cases, they do nothing different than their slaughtered co-crowd (and often do stupider things). After the first few escapes, the convenience of it all is just as inescapable as the death seemed to be.

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crockalley From: crockalley Date: July 25th, 2005 11:34 pm (UTC) (wanna link?)
I liked the most recent episode of JLU. I guess I think of it like you say, as a continuation of Batman Beyond. It's not at all an episode of JLU. And how could Waller have been replaced with Gordon? It doesn't seem like Barbara would have done that to Terry.

Anyway, I'm a cameo whore. I love the return of the Batman Beyond League characters (the little Lantern, the Hawk guy, etc). And Batman's moment with Ace (another character from a previous episode) was wonderful.

And the previous episode, with Braniac and the Flash and all that, was a finale enough for me. I love this freakin show!
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