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Trickle of Consciousness
Hype-driven impulse buys
I've given into some of the hype. Picked up both New Excalibur and New X-Men as impulse buys. I don't have much to say on the Excalibur book; it was a bit uneven, but the good bits were good enough that I'll probably try the next issue.

New X-Men, though, was an odd read. Some minor spoilers, so a cut tag and a warning:

New X-Men #20

The running device in this issue is to throw a caption on each character that is, essentially "Real Name. Codename. Powers." It becomes something of a litany as the issue progresses. I do think I understand that litany, of course. One of the points of this issue is to establish how many mutants there were, and point out how many are disappearing due to events in Special Event M. But I think in the shuffle, somehow those three facts became what the writers believed were All Readers Need to Know.

Only, knowing that Wither has a death touch and Wallflower has pheromone powers really does nothing to explain why Wallflower is the first person Wither would touch when he thinks he's cured (as opposed to, say, touching a plant or something). I'm assuming they have some kind of relationship, only then later, the golden-skinned Elixir (who the captions tell me can heal) is crying uncontrollably about Laurie, so I start thinking he's the one in a relationship with her. And the issue never does tell me.

I know from the two or three issues of this series I've picked up in this and its New Mutants form that Kevin was on one team, then changed teams to a rival group. I don't know if the tension there was ever resolved, so I'm left wondering if the kid with the wings (whom the captions helpfully tell me can fly) and the girl who controls wind are just shocked at the sudden disaster, or feeling further betrayed by Kevin's act.

The girls I think I remember were called The Stepford Cuckoos seem to have a new name. Also, they seem to hate Emma Frost, whom I thought was their mentor, but again I haven't been following. I just know they make a point of exerting their independence from her, and sound mighty pissed when they do. Once more, though, all the captions think I need to know is that they're telepaths.

So, while frustrated by some lacking context, I'm interested to follow up on Wither, and to see who it is that's dating Wallflower. I want to know what's going on with the blonde telepath cult. And then there's the final page and the fate of the character on it. Plenty of things to draw me in next month.

Only, as I understand it, the characters on the cover are meant to be the core players in the series from here on out. Given that, I kind of scratched my head at the fact that five out of seven of them only get a panel apiece this issue (actually, two of those five share their panel). If it weren't for the cover, I'd have no idea these kids weren't just a handful more of the litany of "Name. Codename. Power." captions throughout.

In the end, the issue was interesting enough that I'll likely be back to check it out next month. But I'm still a little confused as to why the issue gets me interested in a whole bunch of characters whom, as I understand it, are either on the way out or meant to be supporting players. The people I'm supposed to be following are for reasons unknown camouflaged into the masses. Odd choice, that.

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From: alyx_chance Date: November 11th, 2005 05:33 pm (UTC) (wanna link?)
I think they're calling the Cuckoos the Three-In-One now. Claremont's been calling them the Spikes in X-Men: The End. The Cuckoos became disenchanted with Emma after the Riot at Xavier's arc and the death of Sophie. They felt that Sophie died because Emma was trying to instill a ridiculous "hero" identity and so they mucked about with her life a bit. Later it was revealed that this was all Esme's doing. So theorteically they shouldn't have a problem with Emma, but I supopose that this is another sign of the retconning of Morrison's run.

The reason the kids on the ocver barely appear is because the new writers have to tie up the dangling plotlines from the ousting of the pervious writers. Within a few issues it should be set up in its new status quo: Wolvagina and Friends.
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