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Trickle of Consciousness
Those spoiled Gilmore Girls
Dear WB network:

Please find whoever does your previews for next week's episodes and strangle them. While strangling them, please point out how effectively an episode is ruined when each week's preview shows the ending.

For the second week in recent memory, what was clearly intended to be one of the main tensions / climactic moments of a Gilmore Girls episode was pretty well robbed by the fact that the week preceding it had the WB showing the last five minutes of the episode. And, come on, the show's pretty light on tension anyway; it's just cruel to hamstring them when they actually set something up like that.

I seem to remember them doing this stuff with Smallville, too (in particular, I recall a preview warning we'd never expect the shocking ending. Of course, the preview showed the shocking ending, so I'm not sure how I wasn't supposed to see it coming).

Seriously, people, they're meant to whet the appetite, not spoil the meal.

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