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January 3rd, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
A nod to The Pickytarian for the schtick.

Airport delays are thankfully mitigated by reading material. I finished most of The Wilding on the way up to Michigan for the holidays, and had Derek Kirk Kim's Same Difference and Other Stories to help me pass the time on the way back to warmer climes.

I haven't read a lot of Kim's work, despite its online availability, but what I have seen of it intrigued me enough to put his collection on my wish list for Christmas. Having finished the volume, I'm glad I did. I'm not sure that reprints of several years old web comics can have spoilers, but just in case, the usual cut tag and warning applies:

Different, but not in the same wayCollapse )

Some of the writing works better than others. Some falls a bit too obviously into seen-before high school angst. But more than a lot of the comics work I've read of late, I think the strength of this book lies in the interaction of words and pictures. The elements I find most compelling arise just as much from a pseudo-conflict between (art) line and (dialogue) line as they do from conflicts inherent in the stories themselves. I look forward to seeing more.

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I'm all for health foods and more organics as options at the grocery store, but when you start producing organic Pop Tarts you've clearly crossed from well-meaning food alternatives into Playing God territory. I mean, this flies in the very face of the basic tenets of the Pop Tart. What's next, organic Twinkies? When will someone stand up against this ... this natural horror?!?


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