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January 4th, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
RIP Will Eisner.

Everyone is already writing much better bios and eulogies than I could. Try Eric at Websnark for a well-written one that manages to concisely document the many areas of comics Eisner managed to affect.

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I've made it through two of the three J. Torres-penned trades I got for Christmas: Jason and the Argobots: Birthquake (art by Mike Norton) and The Collected Alison Dare: Little Miss Adventure (art by J. Bone). Both are clearly meant for youth audiences, though I have to say the Alison Dare volume seems to me a much better buy; even in collection, Birthquake feels hopelessly padded. Something of a compare and contrast review follows, with cut tag and warning for those who want to avoid the spoilers.

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Click here for girls who know how to make and get out of troubleCollapse )

In the end, I think Jason and Alison are meant to be similar souls. In practice, though, I find Alison far more compellingly fleshed out. I can see what kind of child Jason is meant to be, but I much prefer the fact that I see what kind of child Alison actually is.

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