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January 13th, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
Finally did some more fiddling on the links at the sidebar. Weeded out stuff that's no longer updating (which I should have done a while ago. Good god, I still had Jounalista listed, for goodness' sake). Also, given how many Power Pack posts I've managed of late, I added a Power Pack section. Louise Simonson's missing because I couldn't find any kind of official web presence for her (actually, most of the artist links are only to their online original art sales sites, as that's all I could find in the way of "official" sites). Marc Sumerak's site is missing because it seems to be infected with a virus at the moment (Norton was very agry with me when I went there), so I'm holding off until that's cleared up.

Powerblogging, like it or not, should be back in the near future. I took a break around the holidays to recharge (even I, crazed as I am, can only talk Power Pack for so long before I need to give it a rest). It also gave me the chance to reclaim my own comics to scan from, so I shouldn't have to crib them all from The Power Pack(ed) Fansite, and can maybe even contribute a scan or two. blogging gods willing, I think I'll have enough to fill in the gap between now and the (hopefully not postponed again) launch of the new series in April.

Update: Marc Sumerak's site isn't giving me virus warnings anymore, so he's joined the ranks on the sidebar.

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