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January 14th, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal

(Art by Jo Chen, via BKV.TV)

A couple of people have pointed me to the newly released cover to Runaways #3, as it features a member of my favorite team. Writer Brian K. Vaughan also confirms, over at Newsarama, that while Julie Power's new group doesn't get cover time until the third issue, they'll make their first appearance with the new relaunch of Runaways #1 in February.

So, despite a delay on the new Marvel Adventures series, it looks like I'll be getting at least a little Power Pack in February after all. I'd planned on picking up the third Runaways v. 1 digest (having been suitably entertained by the second volume) before committing to the series, but my initial interest combined with my one Big Fanboy Character Set makes the first storyline of the relaunch, at least, a lock for my pull list.

Which means, by April (when, last I heard, the Marvel Age Adventures Power Pack series was rescheduled to hit shelves) I'll practically be in Power Pack overload.

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