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January 17th, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal

The present's late, but the LJ shoutout is on time.
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While I think my pull list is slowly starting to flesh out again, this week was still pretty light on regulars. Both of them, actually, were new to the list: She-Hulk and New Thunderbolts. On a whim, then, I picked up Dan Slott's other effort of the week, Spider-Man / Human Torch. Of course, various and sundry events meant I didn't finish this decidedly thin stack until the weekend. Like that's stopped me mouthing off my opinions on books before? Try again:

She-Hulk #11: While there were a number of chuckle moments in this issue, I'm not sure following up last issue's "All Titania Flashback" story with an issue that's half-exposition (trying to explain how the character we've been seeing fits with recent Shulkie Avengers appearances) was the wisest choice. The payoff was, as I've come to expect, amusing, but I'm not sure it was worth the deluge of "previously in other books I'm not reading and won't be paying money for" flashbacks.

New Thunderbolts #4: I'm really coming to enjoy what seems to me a healthy sense of irony in this book. Last issue, the T-bolts kept the UN from collapsing. Of course, they did it when Atlas grew to roughly the size of the building--from the inside. He took out something like a third of the structure to "save" it. So, yeah, Wolverine guest-stars, but the general developing tone of the book means I don't mind, since I'm half sure the guest star himself is there as a kind of wink and nod. It's a gratuitous guest in the same vein as the gratuitous destruction with which this book is quickly carving an entertaining niche. And like last issue, this one involves a "save" that's so blatantly pyrrhic you have to chuckle and give Nicieza props for it.

And the try out this week...

Spider-Man / Human Torch #1: A tip of the hat to Dan Slott for doing good by both characters. They both strike me as well done, archetypical presentations. The teaming of hyper-responsible Parker with his polar opposite, Johnny Storm, is guaranteed to be good for a laugh. That said, I was lost during a fair portion of this. Peter Parker references a number of run-ins with the Torch that I know nothing about. Then there are the supporting characters of times past (at least, I think Betty Brant is a former Spidey supporting player. Maybe she's still around. I don't follow the books) that I couldn't place. When it comes down to it, I'm pretty sure I'm not the target audience on this one, as it seemed chock full of elbow-nudge moments for continuity wonks, and since I don't follow these heroes nearly close enough to catch those, I wound up feeling like I only got half the joke.

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stotangirl sent me the following present, from the Weekly World News. Being the cutting edge paper they are, WWN didn't go for the trite, overused "Adam and Steve." No, instead they chose...

Now you know the real reason gay adoptions are anathema: God let them do that with Cain and Abel, and just look at all the trouble those two caused...


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