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January 19th, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
Marvel solicits for April* are out (or leaked, at least), and Power Pack is finally on the schedule. Though now it's neither Marvel Age nor Marvel Adventures, but the new, exciting, and as-usual-confusingly implemented "Marvel Next" line. It's also a four-issue mini-series, which I hadn't realized until I read the solicits. Marc Sumerak confirms this was the plan to begin with, so at the very least, one assumes this won't read like a truncated ongoing.

Certainly a smaller taste of a revamped Pack is a decent choice. And since the series is clearly geared for the manga / bookstore market, this will let Marvel collect the book and see how it plays there, instead of its more recent strategy of launching ongoings meant to be bookstore fare, only to cancel them before they can prove their selling power in said market.

At this point, I'm cautiously optimistic. I've said before that the basic premise of Power Pack seems to be a good fit for the fantasy / sci-fi young adventurer manga markets. And while I certainly enjoyed the meta-commentary in the original series, I don't think it's integral to the concept so much that removing it would work against the sensibilities of the above-mentioned market.

Anyway, here's hoping.

*Thanks to Dorian for the link

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Meant to put this up yesterday, and failed miserably.

There's another blog-sponsored contest on the block. Scott at Polite Dissent has three copies of the Nikolai Dante: The Romanov Dynasty trade paperback he's looking to give away. He's even giving you three different ways to win. So go enter the multiple choice contest already.

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