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January 25th, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
Kevin Melrose sent me a heads up on more pre-release Power Pack art. This time, PopCultureShock has a seven page preview of the first issue. Well, six pages, plus the cover we've seen all over the place.

IMO, the pages show a workable, lighthearted family dynamic. Alex's banter is genuinely amusing, as is the rage of a six year old. If I could do with a little less stereotypical valley girl from Julie, I'll be fair about the fact that she really doesn't have much of any panel time here to make a fair guess on how she'll play in the series proper.

Kudos to some of Giruhiru's new visual takes on the powers. I like the new gravity effect, and Katie's new "Power Ball" is a fun re-imagining that--it seems to me--arises from a visual pun on the girl's age group (six year olds play with bouncing balls. Katie's just happens to shoot extra-terrestrial energy blasts).

But while I enjoyed the writing in the family interplay, the fight scene's is far more uneven. The dialogue here feels a bit too serious given how, well, Looney Tunes the situation really becomes. At the very least, I'd expect Jack to have something to say about the cheese factor of Alex's "good, old-fashioned Pack Attack" line. And if the kids are that concerned about a Snark that knows where they live, why are they letting him run away after they so thoroughly trounced him?

My concerns, given the preview, aren't something that can't be counterbalanced by more of "the good stuff" in a full issue. And obviously there are elements here that I think I'll enjoy. In all, then, I'd say my cautious optimism continues.

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