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January 28th, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
The April solicitations for the newest Power Pack mini seem to be coming with at least a decent amount of PR backing. Newsarama talks with writer Marc Sumerak about the book (and sneaks in a few more pages of preview art from the first issue). Sumerak talks about the basic premise, about "the two Julies," and about the decision to set aside a lot of continuity:

[B]ecause of Power Pack's unique appeal to younger readers, we also wanted to make sure that new fans weren't left scratching their heads due to decade-old continuity references. So we approached the book as if it were Power Pack: The Animated Series, keeping the core of the characters and the original series intact, but at the same time wiping the slate clean and starting from close to square one. Characters will remain true to their original counterparts, but if Power Pack happens to meet up with Thor in the new series, we'll be treating it as if they are meeting for the first time, and not referencing when they teamed up against Kurse in Thor #363.

So far, most of the changes seem small and in the interest of streamlining. Katie apparently isn't disintegrating things any more, and Jack seems to have overcome his little ... clothing problem, but the powers (and the Powers) look more or less intact. We'll have to see how right I am in April.

*It occurred to me that what I've been doing with "Powerblog" is more reflexive / analytical, and that linkblogging an upcoming series I know little about isn't the same thing. Henceforth, then, "Powerblog" is reserved for posts on PP comics I've actually read, while the punarific "Power Plug" takes over as the label for PR on upcoming appearances.

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