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February 7th, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
Perky, uber-cute babies and toddlers have always unsettled me (especially when Anne Geddes gets ahold of them. *shudder*). Well, thanks to a friend, now I know why.
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Pulling from the Stack of Unread Shame, this time out it's Steve Gerber and Brian Hurtt's Hard Time: 50 to Life, the trade paperback collection of the first half of Hard Time's initial run in DC's how-fast-can-we-cancel-it Focus line.

Really, I probably wouldn't have gone near this on my own. But the book was getting good reviews at various and sundry blogs. Heck, Ringwood even had a contest to give away the trade. Still, I waffled, because I'm like that. Then The Pickytarian positively gushed about the book:

You will be rewarded with a rich story that bursts at the seams with more engaging characters and entertaining plot threads than any mainstream American comic on the stands today.... And any fan of cartoon art should treat themselves to the work that Brian Hurtt is doing on this title. His combination of drawing "chops" (perspective, anatomy, line, shape, tone ,etc), cartoony exaggeration, and storytelling skills make him one of my favorite comic artists of all time.

Okay, fine. The blogosphere found Street Angel for me. And She-Hulk. If that many people are going on about it, surely it's worth a look? So, Christmas money do your thing, and there I am, possessed of one more trade for the stack.

My review here is actually going to be pretty spoilery in comparison to most of my stuff. So the usual cut tag comes with a stronger warning than normal:

click to enter the prison with the poltergeistCollapse )

Despite blogospheric sentiments to the contrary, I didn't think Gerber did much new or interesting with either of his major genre influences here. Instead, it felt like I was supposed to find the decision to graft super-powers onto a prison flick setup in and of itself to be inventive. But high concept only gets you so far, and I can't say as the execution of this one did much for me.

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