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February 15th, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
<td> "Look, I would love to coordinate outfits with you, Ruth, but right now I'm just a little busy." </td>

Missed this earlier: another interview with Marc Sumerak over at The Pulse. If you've been following press on the new Power Pack mini, you can probably skip most of the first half of it. It's not a whole lot you won't have read before (I mean, I'm about as big a Power Pack geek as there is, and even I'm getting a little tired of re-reading those character descriptions every time).

Sumerak does give a little new insight into the structure of the mini, though, later in the piece:

While Power Pack will be chock full of plenty of team action, each individual issue does shine the spotlight on a different member of the team.... We wanted to make sure that readers got the chance to see each team member up close and personal, and the four issue limited series structure gave us the perfect set-up to do so.... We wanted to make sure that each issue was a self-contained story that any reader could enjoy without having to pick up the other three issues in the series. But there are still plot threads from each issue that will tie the entire series together by the time it reaches its conclusion.

Other topics include the inevitable discussion of the contemporary youth market and Sumerak's take on the stumbling blocks of the "All-Ages" label (namely, that readers translate that to "for kids"). Interesting stuff, even with the possible strategic gaffe of mentioning two quickly-canceled series as means of establishing one's credentials.

There are also a few more pages of preview art, this time from the second issue. If anyone with clout is listening, I think the cover prospect from Sumerak's site is far more interesting than the barely-more-than-a-pinup version in the latest article.

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