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March 3rd, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
Minor Lost spoilers to follow for last night's episode.

Two good things in one hour of television: we finally get some of Hurley's backstory, and then we get David Fury dialogue to boot.

The dark humor was a welcome change of pace to the usual Lost backstory of overbearing angst. Hurley has certainly had his own share of genuine tragedy, but I think the coup of this episode was in conveying that without hopelessly undermining Hurley's comedic value in the series.

The only real problem for me this time out is one that's been happening ever since Lost stopped flipping from one pov to another and fell into its "one backstory per episode" formula: Hurley's past and present dovetail really well, but because of that, scenes with other characters to advance separate subplots stick out as such. Hurley's story is clicking along, and then suddenly it's like someone stands up with a stop sign, blows a whistle and shouts "Hold on! Union mandated subplot break!" Then we get a thematically unrelated scene of Sun and Jin, or Locke and Claire.

I'm not objecting to following more members of the ensemble so much as I'm noticing a structural flaw in the formula. When each episode focuses so directly on a single character by only showing his or her backstory that week, other characters become de facto supporting players for the course of that story, and their scenes get the glaring edge of B plot filler.

But, hey, there was lots of Hurley to make up for it, so I can't complain too much. And from the look of things, there's at least one more major Hurley flashback waiting to be told. Hopefully that one will be as entertaining as this.

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