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March 4th, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
Probably due to that lingering rumor about a Sci-Fi channel series, I've found myself with a craving to read Strikeforce: Morituri. I remember reading a few random issues a friend had when I was in high school (the first three or four if I remember correctly) and thinking it was a ballsy concept, setting up a super-team with members whose process of empowerment was in itself a guaranteed death sentence. And not Comic Book Death, with a handy return some time later, but actual, body melting / exploding, ain't-no-one-coming-back-from-that death.

I may find the actual comics more compelling in my memory than they are in reality, but what the heck. It's been forever since I've been back issue hunting for a series; might as well give it a shot.

I don't suppose Marvel collected some or all of this series, did they?

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