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March 10th, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal

Hope you have a good one.
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A couple try outs, a regular, a bow out, and a catch-up this week:

New Thunderbolts #6: This book is so amazingly frantic. This time out, there's even more throwing ideas at you. Even more mucking with the status quo that isn't. Lots of action and humor, often at the same time. Also, the propensity to throw nigh-dead people into the ocean continues. And is it me, or is Genis' new name a nod to an old Nicieza-penned story from his short-lived Captain Marvel series?

Street Angel #5: And thus Jessie takes her bow. While there were some good moments of both dialogue and art (I can't, for example, remember a two page fight spread that captured and reveled in chaos quite so much as the one in this issue), I can't help feeling the whole thing was comparatively sparse story-wise. Maybe a rest and some time to recharge the creative energy is just what the book needs.

The Grimoire #1: Kind of uneven in both story and art, but I have to say that when one or both was on, I thought it was worth it. I especially like what I think is the first instance of a camera phone in a comic I've read. Made for a clever moment of character interaction. I'm confused about a couple of things, and I really wish some of the lettering weren't so small, but I'm willing to stick around to see how things do or don't come together for another couple issues.

Blood of the Demon #1: With someone else both inking and dialoguing Byrne, I hoped some of his general excesses might be curbed enough to merit a look. Like The Grimoire, this issue was rather uneven. I'm not sure if the new status of Jason Blood is meant to carry through the series, or was just a stalling exercise to delay releasing Etrigan until the final page splash. Whether I continue with the series will largely depend on the next issue, then.

Side note on the Demon book: while I realize there wasn't a Comics Code stamp on the cover, am I alone in thinking that on-panel crucifixion, flaying of skin, and bloody dismemberment might qualify as "graphic content" (or "mature," depending on your usage thereof) and maybe warrant a label to that effect? I don't seem to remember Fallen Angel being nearly so gory out of the gate, and DC slapped a label on that title, yes?

I also finally got the first three issues of the new Legion of Super-Heroes. My shop has been selling out of the title, and while I was curious, I didn't want to add it sight-unseen. I've never really read any Legion stories, so I can't comment on how well or poorly Waid and Kitson handle "the franchise," but the issues I've read of this newest effort have been enjoyable as sociological sci-fi grafted with some super-heroic trappings. If the former element sticks around, I think I probably will, too.

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