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March 25th, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
Apparently, this story has surprised some people, as Ohio's intentionally nonspecific language in their "gay marriage amendment" results in complications:

Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Stuart Friedman ruled that the amendment, approved by voters as Issue 1, made part of the state's domestic violence law unconstitutional.

Friedman said that because Ohio's domestic violence law recognizes the relationship between an unmarried offender and victim as one "approximating the significance or effect of marriage," it represents a direct conflict with the amendment's prohibition against such recognition and is thus unenforceable.

That's right. In their fervor to close off any "back doors" for Ohio's gay community to obtain equal civil rights marriage-like benefits, the Ohio legislators who wrote the amendment and the responsible electorate who approved it can take special pride in knowing they've also butt-raped the cause of domestic violence.

I'm alternately tickled and annoyed by County Prosecutor William Mason: "Judge Friedman's opinion misses the point. The constitution is not an invitation to strip legal protection from the most vulnerable in our community."

Of course it isn't, Mr. Mason. That's what the amendment was for.


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