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March 31st, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
I'm not going to be naming names re: DC Countdown..., but the following may make it easier to guess who that is on the cover. If that's a spoiler and you're avoiding them, skip this.

I'm genuinely baffled as to how Giffen / DeMatteis / Maguire's I Can't Believe it's not the Justice League got the green light in the first place. I've no idea on the sales numbers for the Formerly Known As... mini, but it seems clear from events in both Identity Crisis and now DC Countdown... that DC really has no interest in that take on the material.

This, of course, assumes that IC's murder victim was in place prior to greenlighting I Can't Believe..., but even if IC's plot was set later, I'm still not sure why DC decided to schedule the comedy League story squarely between IC and Countdown at all. If people were squeamish about the storyline after IC, I can only imagine things will now be getting even more uncomfortable in light of the events running concurrently to the storyline.

I'm not appalled so much as bemused. Eric Burns (he's talking about a different situation, but the sentiment's relevant) pretty much sums up my feelings as to why this all plays wrong to me:

when you're in [the lead] position, you don't take shots at the people trying to fight their way up. You don't call attention to them at all. You're ahead. You don't need to legitimize your opponents by actually referring to them. When asked about them, you look confused and say "who?"

For me, I Can't Believe... reads just fine, and has thus far gotten quite a few laughs. For my money, instead of souring the lower-tier characters and their comedy schtick, bookending that story with IC and Countdown winds up making both of those books feel like some sort of odd backlash against "funny" stories: "Make fun of super-heroes, will you? We don't need your kind around here. Take this!"

And to that end, it all seems a bit silly. I mean, whatever the sales on the two comedy JLA arcs are or may be, they're still not going to compete with the next dour Batman arc, or poking Wonder Woman in the eye or whatever. Doesn't raping and slaughtering the lower tier comedy characters as the crux of your story, as the incitement to get your top tier characters to act, wind up elevating those secondary characters, possibly even to the detriment of your top tier?

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