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April 15th, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
I've had topics running around in my head, but nothing so imperative I've managed a full post on it. In no particular order, then, the "not quite ready for blogtime" ideas:

  • An assortment of comics writers whose writing I don't find particularly amazing have been displaying (or continue to display, depending on the creator) sharp insights into comics: the industry, the fandom, the storytelling (wait, they do that in comics?), etc. I find it odd, nodding in agreement with the theory though it's coming from someone I don't think manages to put it into practice particularly well. A study in having to separate the message from the messenger, I suppose. If critics are going to dismiss the "talk to me when you make a comic" defensive cry of the comics creator, it seems disingenuous for them to respond to the valid points of creators by simply re-casting that cliche with "talk to me when you make a comics masterpiece" or somesuch.

  • I'm going to wind up picking up that New Warriors mini, aren't I? Likening super-heroes to home improvement shows is amusing, Skottie Young's art looks much more yummy than what I've seen in the past, and I simply can't resist crazy super-hero concepts like a guy who talks to germs. Is this some sort of natural evolution of Nicieza's previous work with the characters? No. But I'm getting pretty good these days at remembering that the comics I collected and enjoyed are still in my comics boxes; an irreverent reboot doesn't magically turn them into ash or rocket them into space or something. I think Speedball turned into a chimp was what finally pushed this into a pre-order. (or better still, what if it's Beppo the Bouncy Chimp Sidekick? Oh, good lord, I think I might have to cry from the joyful crazy of that if it is)

  • Ray Bradbury Day! I am jealous beyond measure to not live in Chicago.

  • The new sci-fi/horror/fantasy blogging that's been going about (or that I've been running across. I'm entirely willing to concede it may have always been there and I'm just blind to it) has me so happy people are using those terms. I'm always afraid that people writing on the genres with a literary analytical bent will start whipping out Nu Literary terms like Speculative Fiction (in particular) or Magical Realism. I rail against those not for some lack of descriptive accuracy in the labeling, but because they feel like they were developed so academic literary writers could pretend they had nothing in common with their pulpier genre brethren. The only one of the NL terms I like is probably Literature of the Fantastic, and then only because it acts to encompass sci-fi/horror/fantasy under a single heading and thus circumvents the clunky slash-constructed alternative.
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