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April 21st, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
It seems just about every book I collect somehow managed to show up this week, which caught me completely off guard (though it shouldn't have, since both Mike and Dorian warned of the impending product avalanche). Okay, most comics regulars would probably find my six books yesterday a laughable, paltry haul, but it's a lot to me.

Anyway, even if this schedule hits again, I won't be hit as hard, since I'm dropping two titles, mostly for similar reasons. The victims? Rand and Ferreyra's Small Gods and Eisner golden child Vaughan and Harris' Ex Machina. Spoilers may follow as I talk details, so we now turn to our cut-tag standard.

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I don't necessarily mind comics where the characters are moved about like chess pieces. New Thunderbolts seems a lot like that to me. But that book strikes me as being designed for that sort of thing; it's about throwing crazy stuff at you first, and subtle characterization maybe possibly sometime.

Ex Machina and Small Gods, on the other had, ask me to inspect the characters and their circumstances. In that case, turning the characters into plot-by-numbers pawns and debate team ciphers means the book itself falls apart. And, for that matter, falls off my pull list.

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Have I mentioned how "on" Adrian Ramos' Count Your Sheep has been lately? It was iffy for a little while, as suddenly Katie and company were doing meta-riffs on the fact that they lived in a comic strip. But lately, it's all good. From age-appropriate British punk to single panel gender role jokes, I'm loving it. Take a peek, maybe bookmark it, even.

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If you didn't see that title coming, you must be blocking out high school or freshman college English. The former Teaching Assistant in me couldn't resist.

Well, then. If the first post was about books I'm dropping for similar reasons, this is about two I'm enjoying for differing elements. Sort of. Vaughan and Alphona's Runaways and Heinberg and Cheung's Young Avengers make the cut this week. Spoilers possible, cut tag definite.

When they were goodCollapse )

I still see flaws in these books, but where the flaws in the books I'm dropping seem to be detrimental to their respective cores, here they're in less crucial aspects--given the tones and focus of each. And in the above cases, what one lacks the other makes up for, so the two kind of offset each other nicely.

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