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May 19th, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
In something of sublime timing, while folks were camped out at theaters waiting for their midnight showings of that little Lucas project, I got the end of the story I've been waiting to see for ages: yesterday, Myatt Murphy and Scott Dalrymple finally gave us the last chapter of Fade from Blue. Spoilers more than likely, so your regular warning and cut tag:

So what else do Episode III and Fade #10 have in common?Collapse )

Not everything I've ever wanted in an issue of Fade from Blue, but I'm glad for one last hoorah. Myatt Murphy's site lists Fade as his "final illustrated graphic novel," which suggests those stand alone Shermot sister stories he's talked about wanting to do in some interviews probably aren't in the works. Too bad. I'm gonna miss these women.

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