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June 3rd, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
Nothing in my pull this week, so I went back and grabbed some books I'd passed on in earlier weeks, including the third issue of Mike Carey and Mike Perkins' Spellbinders. And boy, do I have a crap memory for faces. This issue finally (apparently) reveals the identity of the nasty person plaguing our hero(es). I know it's supposed to be a reveal because it's a big, important final page splash. Thing is, I had no idea by looking at the character who it was. Thankfully, one of the reasons I didn't recognize him was due to a well-tread plot device that told me who he was anyway: basically, he was the only named character who never showed his face during any of the "bad guy attacks" mayhem.

I go back and forth on this series. I liked the set up. I liked the specific magical twist at first, too. Writing about magic inevitably requires the writer to set limits, and the idea that witches are born with their spells inside them is kind of a neat one; the high school clique setting already makes this a story about identity, so tying a person's magic intimately to who she is works well to weave the theme into the weird. It's a tough go, however, to keep that premise from generating just another band of misfit, super-powered teens: the teleporter, the precog, the shapeshifter, etc.

Still, I find myself drawn to smaller bits. I like the odd sort of friendship Kim seems to be developing with her personal ghost. Her general, non-magical inventiveness has also been fun to watch. And since I've liked Kim's development, I'm interested to see where she goes from here. I do think, though, that this will stay on the "when I have a slow week" purchase list.

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