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June 20th, 2005 - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
Two women in Iowa sought a legal dissolution to their Vermont-made civil union. A judge approved said dissolution. Then the conservative Iowa Family Policy Center and some state legislators sued the judge. You can't make this shit up. The Iowa Supreme Court, thankfully, had its head on, er, straight:

We fail to see how the district court's action in dissolving a civil union of another couple harmed in any specific way these plaintiffs' marriages and for this reason, they have shown no legally recognized interest or personal stake in the underlying action.

So is it more gay unions destroying the institution of marriage, or fewer? Or is it Hollywood this month? Sesame Street? Someone needs to make up a handy chart, 'cause I just can't keep track of it.


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I think I've finally gotten LJs S2 system to let me do what I want with the blog layout. There was teeth gnashing and googling aplenty, but the journal looks more or less the way I want it to. I may still fiddle a smidge with colors (I'm not sure the visited link color is readable on the sidebar links, for example), but the big stuff's more or less done. No, it's not an "oh my god look how different it all is!" change, but then, I liked the color scheme I had going on the in old system, so I just tried to apply it to the new layouts.

Tags are pretty rudimentary for the moment, since using them will involve my digging back through all the old entries I think would do well with them and adding them manually. Not hating myself, I'm going to take my time and muck around with that as I go.

I've looked at the "new" layout in IE and Mozilla for PC, and when I get home I can check it on Safari for Mac. If anyone's so inclined, feel free to let me know if anything's not working or just so hideous to look at that your eyes burn, and I'll see what I can do. Not sure I'll be able to replace those burned out eyes, mind you, but maybe your sacrifice will help others, and in the meanwhile we'll pray for a good cornea donor...

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