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Trickle of Consciousness
People complain about men's locker room talk, and I can't say that they're wrong. Mind you, I live in a high-retiree area*, so I'm more amused than offended when I hear seventy-year-old men discussing the gazongas on, say, Britney--not so much because I think septuagenarian lechery is cute as because I find it hilarious to think about these cranky old men holding up the line for concessions at a teen pop concert to yell at the cashier for not having a seniors discount.**

Anyway, there are plenty of discussions without the hilarious imagery to mitigate them. Below, an actual exchange I overheard this morning at the local Y:

Man 1 - "I have to take my friend to the airport tomorrow. He's flying to Europe."

Man 2 - "He's not going to Iraq, is he?"

Man 1 didn't even blink, just gave an even "Nah," like he'd been asked if the friend was going to France or Spain. I'm fairly certain I froze in place at that moment. Then I recovered and kept my mouth shut. Then Man 2 proceeded to go on about how he knows Iraq is better off than the media wants us to believe. There are, according to his source, only about 4 places that are really bad.

Setting aside questions of how under control Iraq is or what constitutes "really bad": Dude, you think Iraq is in Europe. I'm pretty sure you lose all cred right away. Forever, even.

*"area" may be too limiting a term. It sounds like it's just the one city. So to clarify: area = Florida, land of the idle elderly.

**I've no proof this happens, mind, but I have been stuck behind retirees who are in the middle of a lengthy search for the fifty cents off coupon that they swear they saw advertised somewhere. They even had the cashier call for the manager. I kind of thought they could have saved the fifty cents and a smidge more if they just put their candy bar back, but I don't have the benefit of their aged wisdom, so I'm sure that was just a silly idea.


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