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Why does horror require everyone to be incompetent? - Trickle of Consciousness — LiveJournal
Why does horror require everyone to be incompetent?
I don't know that I have a full on review of World War Z in me. It was fun in a lot of ways. And if you like jumpy-scare movies I think it does a reasonably good job of that. It did, however, make use of at least one movie trope I'm more than over. SPOILERS ahead:

On the upside, everyone in the movie knew what a zombie was, and called them zombies pretty quickly. Hooray for that one, because I'm more than sick of zombie movies requiring themselves to be set in a world where no one's seen anything like them before. Also: people who aren't trained in the use of guns are monumentally bad at using them, so another plus.

On the other hand, there was still a whole lot of people who were supposed to be competent being really stupid in order to force the danger. I thought the worst part was going to be when Brad Pitt left his fucking satellite phone on while he's trying to sneak past zombies. I mean, that's pretty ridiculously stupid for the guy who's supposed to be the 'go to' person to take on situations in hostile environments. Even before zombies, how dumb do you have to be to have your ringer on when you're trying to sneak around hostile territory?

What was worse for me, though, and what I could do without seeing ever, ever again in a zombie / pandemic thriller movie, is the "professionals with years of experience in deadly pathogens are so ridiculously careless that they manage to cut themselves with the tainted blood samples."

Okay, he's the 'lead virologist,' meaning not only does he have lots of training, but loads of experience. He's at a World Health Organization facility, in the wing designed to contain some of the most deadly pathogens known to science. He's just received blood samples of a new pathogen which apparently kills within minutes, about which science knows next to nothing, and which is hacking its way through the population at an alarming rate. So of course he walks around with just a pair of latex gloves in an open area, and manages to cut himself, infecting himself and thus zombifying that whole wing of the facility.

Really? Sigh. Then I found out that whole sequence was apparently written by the people they brought in to improve the movie. Good god, but I'm not sure I want to know how this thing ended before it got 'fixed.' :)

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